Package org.opengts.dbtools

Contains tools for accessing SQL databases.
Currently MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server are supported.
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Interface Summary
DBFactory.CustomFactoryHandler CustomFactoryHandler interface
DBFactory.InsertionValidator InsertionValidator interface
DBRecord.DBChangeListener The change listener interface
DBRecordHandler<RT extends DBRecord> DBRecordHandler is the interface for a callback SQL record handler.
DBRecordListener<gDBR extends DBRecord> DBRecordListener callback listener for DBRecord update/insert

Class Summary
DBAdmin DBAdmin provides database administrative functionality
DBAlternateIndex DBAlternateIndex holds information for a single defined alternate index.
DBConnection DBConnection provides connections to the SQL server
DBDelete DBDelete provides the creation of the SQL provider specific DELETE statement.
DBEdit DBEdit is used by a command-line tool to allow editing a table record.
DBFactory<gDBR extends DBRecord> DBFactory provides SQL table specific information
DBFactory.MySQLDumpReader MySQLDumpReader class
DBFactory.ValidationLog ValidationLog class
DBFactoryTree DBFactoryTree provides an SQL table dependency tree.
DBField DBField represents a specific field in an SQL table.
DBFieldType DBFieldType is an abstract superclass for custom field types
DBFieldValues DBFieldValues is a container class for field/column values for a DBRecord.
DBProvider DBProvider specifies SQL database provider specific attributes.
DBRecord<gDBR extends DBRecord>  
DBRecordIterator<DBR extends DBRecord> DBRecordIterator is used to iterate through a DBRecord selection.
This DBRecordIterator currently uses the SQL DB provider OFFSET/LIMIT keywords to iterate through a selection, and thus is only supported by DB providers that support these keywords.
DBRecordKey<gDBR extends DBRecord> DBRecordKey represents the SQL table key for a DBRecord.
DBSelect<gDBR extends DBRecord> DBSelect represents an SQL select statement.
DBTableIndexMap DBTableIndexMap is used by DBProvider to hold actual table column to index, and index to column mappings.
DBWhere DBWhere represents an SQL WHERE clause.

Enum Summary
DBAdmin.DBAdminExec "DBAdmin.execCommands()" return status enumerated type
DBFactory.KeyType DBRecord key type

Exception Summary
DBAlreadyExistsException DBAlreadyExistsException is thrown in cases where no record was expected, but a record was found.
DBException DBException is the general exception thrown for various encountered SQL database errors.
DBFactory.ValidationNotImplementedException ValidationNotImplementedException class
DBNotAuthorizedException DBNotAuthorizedException is thrown in cases where the DB operation is not authorized.
DBNotFoundException DBNotFoundException is thrown in cases where a record was expected, but no record was found.

Package org.opengts.dbtools Description

Contains tools for accessing SQL databases.
Currently MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server are supported.
Package Dependencies: