Package org.opengts.util

Contains various common use utilities that make programming a little easier.
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Interface Summary
ClientPacketHandler Inteface for packet handling clients [CHECK]
DateTime.TimeZoneProvider TimeZoneProvider interface
EnumTools.BitMask BitMask interface
EnumTools.DoubleValue DoubleValue interface
EnumTools.IntValue IntValue interface
EnumTools.IsDefault IsDefault interface
EnumTools.LongValue LongValue interface
EnumTools.StringLocale StringLocale interface
EnumTools.StringValue StringValue interface
GeoPointProvider Represents a GeoPoint provider
GeozoneChecker Inteface for functions finding if a point is inside of a polygon on a spherical surface
OrderedSet.ChangeListener ChangeListener interface
RTConfig.PropertyGetter PropertyGetter interface
RTConfig.PropertySetter PropertySetter interface
RTProperties.PropertyChangeListener PropertyChangeListener interface
ServerSocketThread.SessionInfo SessionInfo
ServiceRequest.RequestBody Request Body handler class
StringTools.KeyValueMap KeyValueMap interface.
StringTools.ValueFilter ValueFilter interface.

Class Summary
AbstractClientPacketHandler An abstract implementation of the ClientPacketHandler interface
Accelerometer Accerometer XYZ-axis container.
AccumulatorBoolean Accumulator Boolean container.
AccumulatorInteger Accumulator Integer container.
AccumulatorLong Accumulator Long container.
Base64 Base64 encoding/decoding tools
CachedLogOutputStream Cached Logging text OutputStream
Captcha Captcha Image Generator
Checksum Checksum tools
ClientSocketThread Threaded messaging socket client
ColorTools Color handling and conversion tools
ColorTools.RGB RGB class.
CompiletimeVars Create compile-time contant source module
CssStyle Cascading Style Sheet "style" wrapper
CurveFit Curve-fit profile matrix
DatagramMessage A class for sending and recieving datagram messages [CHECK]
DateTime Performs every manner of function imaginable based on date/time values
DateTime.ParsedDateTime Class/Structure which holds date/time information
DayNumber Performs convenience function on a "Day Number" Number of days since October 15, 1582 (the first day of the Gregorian Calendar)
EnumTools Contains tools for custom enumerated types.
FileTools File handling tools
FletcherChecksum This class calculates a Fletcher checksum
GeoBounds Represents a set of rectangular latitude/longitude bounds
GeoOffset A container for a single latitude/longitude offset value pair
GeoPoint A container for a single latitude/longitude value pair
GeoPolygon A container for a polygon composed of GeoPoints
HTMLTools Various HTML and HTTP utilities
HTMLTools.HttpBufferedInputStream A BufferedInputStream class that retains a handle to the HttpURLConnection instance
HTMLTools.TagBlock Custom TagBlock class
HTMLTools.TagWrap Custom tag wrapper class
I18N A set of tools for creating i18n compliant code and providing localized text
I18N.Text Class used to provide lazy localization
IButton iButton container
IPTools A set of tools for handling IP Adresses
IPTools.IPAddress IPAddress class
IPTools.IPAddressList Manages a list of IP address blocks
JSON._Array JSON Array
JSON._KeyValue JSON Key/Value pair
JSON._Object JSON Object class
JSON._Value JSON Value
JSON.JSONParsingContext JSON Parsing Context
ListTools.CollectionProxy<E> CollectionProxy class
ListTools.NameComparator<T> NameComparator class for sorting objects based on their 'getName()' value
ListTools.NumberComparator<T> NumberComparator class for sorting objects based on their numeric value
ListTools.ReverseOrderComparator<T> ReverseOrderComparator class which reserses the sort order of other Comparators
ListTools.StringComparator<T> StringComparator class for sorting objects based on their 'toString()' value
Nmea0183 A container for a NMEA-0183 record
OrderedMap<K,V> OrderedMap provides a HashMap where values can also be retrieved in the order they were added
OrderedSet<K> OrderedSet provides a Set where values can also be retrieved in the order they were added
OrderedSet.ChangeListenerAdapter ChangeListener adapter
Payload For reading/writing binary fields
PixelDimension A container for pixel width and height
PixelPoint A pixel point in 3D space
PosixSignalHandler Posix Signal Handler.
Print Performs message logging
Print.NullOutputStream OutputStream subclass which ignores all output.
Print.NullPrintStream PrintStream subclass which ignores all output
Print.RedirectStream Abstract class to provide log print redirection
RemoteLogServer Remote Log server
RTConfig Provides static support for hierarchical runtime properties
RTKey Container for runtime property keys
RTKey.Entry Container for an RTKey entry
RTKey.EntryReference Represents a reference to another RTKey.Entry
RTProperties Runtime properties container.
SendMail.Args A container for the arguments of an email
SendMail.Attachment A container for an email attachment
ServiceRequest ServoceRequest tools
ServiceRequest.Authorization Authorization class
StringTools Provides various String parsing/format utilities
StringTools.FilterNumber Class used to parse numeric values
StringTools.KeyValueMap_SBIndex KeyValueMap_SBIndex interface.
Temperature Temperature container
TemperatureSet Temperature container
ThreadLocalMap<K,V> A thread local map container
ThreadPool Thread pool manager
TreeNode Tree Node
Tuple Tuple a wrapper class for Tuples
Tuple.Pair<AA,BB> A wrapper for a pair of items
Tuple.Quad<AA,BB,CC,DD> A wrapper for a quadruple of items
Tuple.Single<AA> A wrapper for a single item
Tuple.Triple<AA,BB,CC> A wrapper for a triple of items
URIArg URI argument wrapper
XMLTools A set of tools for simplifying the reading and validating of XML documents
XMLTools.XMLErrorHandler XMLErrorHandler class
XYPair Container for an X/Y pair.
Used by CurveFit as a point container.

Enum Summary
CurveFit.Precision Precision Enum
DateTime.DateStringFormat Enum to indicate a date string format and to convert from one format to another
DateTime.DefaultParsedTime Enum indicating how to handle parsed dates when no time is specified
CurrentTime - Use current time
ContextStart - Use start of time context (ie.
GeoPoint.CompassHeading CompassHeading enumerated type
GeoPoint.DistanceUnits DistanceUnits enumerated type
IButton.DisplayFormat DisplayFormat Enumeration
Temperature.TemperatureUnits Enum: Temperature Units
TriState Provides various String parsing/format utilities

Exception Summary
Base64.Base64DecodeException Base64 Decode Parse Exception
CompiletimeVars.NoOverwriteException Exception for file exists, but overwrite not specified
DateTime.DateParseException DateParseException class
HTMLTools.HttpIOException HttpIOException class
Wrapper for IOException when due to an HttpURLConnection error.
JSON.JSONParsingException JSON Parse Exception
SendMail.SendMailException SendMailException
ServerSocketThread.SSEndOfStreamException SSEndOfStreamException
ServerSocketThread.SSReadTimeoutException SSReadTimeoutException
ServerSocketThread.SSSessionTimeoutException SSSessionTimeoutException

Package org.opengts.util Description

Contains various common use utilities that make programming a little easier.
Package Dependencies: